Roper St. Francis Healthcare Improves Patient Experience through Real-Time Data

Roper St. Francis Healthcare, located in Charleston, South Carolina, cares for Lowcountry families along the South Carolina coast with a mission of healing all people with compassion, faith and excellence. 


The Challenge

Two years ago, the health system’s call center was growing at a rapid pace and was experiencing an increasing volume of calls that the current call center infrastructure could not adequately support – making it challenging to provide their usual high level of service to its patient populationThe call center at Roper St. Francis was in need of a centralized scheduling solution that could be easily scaled as the organization continued to grow both in number of agents and number of incoming calls.  

"Before using LinkLive, our pain points were becoming too painful. Our call center and its volume were growing too fast and our previous technology was unable to support our increasing needs. Now, Revation’s LinkLive technology handles every session that comes into our call center from beginning to end. The level of control that I now have over my operation since using the LinkLive call center solution has significantly increased."

In addition to a higher volume of calls that required a nimbler telephony solution, the call center also lacked real-time insight on calls and service recovery. The lack of real-time, easily accessible data for the call center’s performance limited the ability to improve overall patient experience in today’s digitally transformed healthcare system. Roper St. Francis was in search of a new call center solution that could provide valuable insight to help the organization analyze and improve its level of service and quality of care.  


The Solution

At the end of 2017, Roper St. Francis began the search for a new contact center solution that could provide robust data to inform service recovery and allow for further growth of the call center in the coming yearsThe organization was drawn to Revation’s flagship call center solution, LinkLivebecause of its ability to scale to the growing needs of the call center. Additionally, the health system was specifically interested in LinkLive’s Measuring Monitoring & Planning (MMP) platform that provides easily digestible, real-time granular data to give insight to the service level of the call center at any point of the day.  

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Roper St. Francis went live with Revation’s LinkLive multimedia call center solution in April of 2018. The LinkLive call center solution provides the health system with secure, HIPAA-compliant and Health Information Trust Alliance (HITRUST) Common Security Framework (CSF) certified unified communications that have enabled the organization to better serve its growing patient population. Revation’s LinkLive replaced St. Francis Roper’s existing telephony solution and blended it into one single, easy-to-use, contact center solution that improved and centralized patient scheduling while increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of their call center agents.  

In addition to implementing the LinkLive, Roper St. Francis also began utilizing Revation’s Measuring, Monitoring & Planning (MMP) platform, which provides contact center agents and supervisors with a variety of tools to measure call center statistics, monitor agent performance and plan scheduling for peak call times. Roper St. Francis implemented the Measuring, Monitoring & Planning solution to gain a deeper awareness of call center service levels to better equip their agents to enhance the patient experience.  


The Results

Donte Lazarus, the Contact Center Director at Roper St. Francis Healthcare, states that LinkLive has enabled call center management to drill down to the agent level and view the number of sessions each agent is handling per day, perform quality assurance (QA) and offer better training and support to agents to improve the level of service patients experienceThe call center now has more control over their day to day operationsince using LinkLive and the process of on-boarding new agents as they continue to expand has been simplified and streamlined.  

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“Before using LinkLive, our pain points were becoming too painful. Our call center and its volume were growing too fast and our previous technology was unable to support our increasing needs. Now, Revation’s LinkLive technology handles every session that comes into our call center from beginning to end. The level of control that I now have over my operation since using the LinkLive call center solution has significantly increased,” Donte Lazarus, Contact Center Director, Roper St. Francis Healthcare.

After implementing Revation’s LinkLive cloud-based unified communications solution, the call center at Roper St. Francis has notably improved the percentage of calls that are dispositioned (now at 95%) as a result of having real-time call center data available to management throughout the day with the Measuring, Monitoring & Planning portal. The MMP platform has increased the organization’s ability to perform immediate service recovery – resulting in more satisfied and healthier patientsWith the Measuring, Monitoring & Planning portal, each call that comes into the center is represented as a bubble with an active link on the charts/graphs display, which allowmanagement to quickly view statistics for a specific call (patient wait or hold time) and even directly links them to listen to the audio of the call.  

The real-time reporting that the LinkLive solution suite provides has given the call center agents at Roper St. Francis Healthcare the ability to perform continual process improvement while also providing a much more acute awareness of the patient experience from start to finish. Because of LinkLive, the call center can better engage with patients in real-time while gauging the patient’s satisfaction with that experience throughout the entire interaction 

“Before working with Revation Systems, we lacked real-time service level specific data. The way the data is displayed in the Measuring, Monitoring & Planning (MMP) platform is extremely helpful and has helped us gain a more acute awareness of what the patient is experiencing with an agent from start to finish. The MMP platform gives us the ability to do continuous process improvement to ensure that we are always striving to enhance and improve the patient experience,” Donte Lazarus, Contact Center Director, Roper St. Francis Healthcare.

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About Roper St. Francis Healthcare

Roper St. Francis Healthcare is located in Charleston, South Carolina and is a private, not-for-profit hospital system consisting of 3 hospitals, 671 beds and more than 110 facilities and doctors’ offices in the Charleston region. The organization plans to open a fourth flagship hospital in summer of 2019 in Berkeley County. Roper St. Francis Healthcare specifically focuses on community outreach and has a foundation that raises funds to enrich the wellness of the surrounding local community. The health system has more than 800 doctors on the team and is Charleston’s second largest private employer with more than 5,700 employees.  

Roper St. Francis has received top national awards in patient satisfaction in the past five years, including five-star ratings from the federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, top 15 Health System by Truven Health Analytics and the Healthgrades Outstanding Patient Experience Award for being in the top 15 percent in the nation for delivering an overall positive patient experience. 

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