Bank Customer Expectations: Nothing Short of Digital Excellence


Sixty-eight percent of customers report that COVID-19 elevated their expectations of banks’ digital capabilities  

“Accustomed to the service standards set by consumer internet companies, today’s customers have come to expect the same degree of consistency, convenience, and personalization from their financial-services institutions.”  


The unprecedented outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and the operational challenges that it imposed on financial institutions did little to lower customer expectations for superior digital banking experiences. In fact, research by Salesforce suggests just the opposite, finding that 68% of customers reported that COVID-19 elevated their expectations of banks’ digital capabilities.  


Banking customers were already gravitating towards digital channels before the pandemic. COVID-19, however, greatly accelerated the rate of digital adoption. More than half of banking consumers report using digital products more than they were before the pandemic and nearly 90% of them plan to continue increased digital usage going forward.  

In the rush to expand their digital offerings, many financial institutions prioritized implementing innovative technologies at the expense of the customer experience. And according to the Salesforce report, banking customers took notice: “only 27 percent feel the financial services industry is customer centric. Even fewer [23 percent] think the industry handled the pandemic well.”  

Financial institutions emerging from digital survival mode must now shift their focus to reimagining the customer experience. Digitally inclined customers consistently identify three components of a superior digital banking experience:  

  • 24/7 customer service 
  • Opening and closing accounts without being required to enter so much information  
  • Clear and easy to use apps  

This excerpt is a part of our healthcare trends brief, Digitalizing Employee & Customer Experiences in Banking: Overcoming Unprecedented Challenges to Thrive in 2021. 

You can download the full brief here, or view other webinars, e-Books, white papers and more in our resource center, including: 

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