3 Strategies for Enhancing Your Patient Transfer Operations: Webinar Recap & Recording

Depositphotos_47715585_xl-2015The ability to quickly and securely bring together all providers involved to coordinate care is an urgent need within provider groups and health systems today. According to a study commissioned by Central Logic and the University of Utah the contribution margin per inpatient admitted through a hospital’s transfer center, it was found that each additional patient represents a contribution margin of nearly $11K. This can equate to multi-millions per year. Patient transfer is a quickly emerging segment of hospital operations.

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As the study points out, though much opportunity for improvement in care and an increased revenue exists for healthcare systems in this area, some health systems are unable to leverage the growing need for highly advanced care. Instead, outdated technology and inefficient transfer protocols cost them millions of dollars each year in lost opportunity.

Here are a few strategies that can help your healthcare system improve the quality of care in patient transfers and take advantage of the significant opportunity increasing revenue:

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Multichannel Management

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