How Your Call Center Experience Can Be Improved with AI

Technology is changing many facets of our daily lives. Even if we haven’t heard the buzzword “digital transformation” at some point over the last couple of years, we have certainly felt the impact those advancements in technology have had on how we communicate with others. From the ability to have video visits with a healthcare provider to treat common illnesses such as strep throat or the flu to using an app to order groceries for delivery to your doorstep, it is no secret just how much technology is powering today’s society.

Advancements in AI are Improving Customer Experience

As innovations in technology continue to break through, artificial intelligence (AI) stands out as one of the greatest opportunities for progress in the coming years. While we may not recognize it, many of us have been using AI in daily communications with the organizations we do business with. According to a report produced by Pega, 33% of consumers believe they are using technology with an AI component, when in actuality 77% of consumers use AI technologies, including devices or services. So while consumers may not be aware of the technology behind each interaction, AI is already making waves and improving the customer experience.

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While artificial intelligence has started impacting customer service, there is much more ahead in the coming years. For example, Salesforce’s new State of Service report predicts that AI will grow by 143% over the next 12 months in service organizations. Contact centers using AI can also help consumers receive simple answers quickly and facilitate smoother interactions between people through chatbot services. At Revation, we have been working hard to develop innovative ways to assist contact center agents to ensure that customers have a positive experience — and bringing humans back into AI by freeing up their time for more complex issues.

Adding a Human Touch to AI

It has been reported that the use of AI chatbots will increase 136% by 2021. As AI tech continues to expand, chatbot technology will only become more popular and advanced. Contact centers are already turning to chatbots to enhance the customer experience.

Our newest AI solution, Reva Agent Advisor, is a human-connected bot that helps organizations to improve their customers’ experience as part of Revation Systems’ cloud-based contact center solution (LinkLive 9.0) update. Reva Agent Advisor provides call center agents with real-time analytics of their tone, mood and sentiment during the interaction with the customer. This allows agents to adjust and fine tune the interaction in real time to enhance the customer’s experience. Data captured through Reva’s tone analysis technology is then fed into LinkLive’s charts/graphs and reports in the Measuring, Monitoring & Planning (MMP) Portal to allow team visibility into the quality of the interaction, as well as the Agent Dashboard for real-time performance statistics.

In an era of rapidly advancing technology and growing customer expectations for communication, LinkLive and its AI chatbot Reva make digital transformation consumable for organizations in the healthcare and banking industries. For the healthcare industry specifically, roles focused on nurse triage, scheduling and specialty groups are streamlining these processes and improving the patient experience.

Artificial intelligence continues to be a growing force for organizations as they work to satisfy customers. By implementing AI chatbots and more advanced solutions like Reva Agent Advisor, agents have the opportunity to be continuously improving engagement experiences for the benefit of the customer. This solution also brings the human element back into AI, which is ultimately what will benefit the customer and organizations the most.

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