What’s New for Spring – LinkLive 2018

Business team working together at a call centre wearing headsetsLinkLive, our flagship contact center platform, is fundamental to what we do — and through it, we can offer integrated features and capabilities to help you better connect with your customers and patients through the mediums that matter most to them.

As a result, we’re always looking for ways to respond to your needs and enhance the relationships you have built with your customers through multimedia engagement.

This spring we’re excited to bring you the most advanced release to-date, which includes chatbot technology and lightweight artificial intelligence (AI).

Check out what’s new for spring with these latest updates to LinkLive:

Advanced Engagement Technology via Chatbots & AI

LinkLive’s Spring 2018 Release features both text-to-speech (TTS) and speech-to-text (STT) capabilities, which are designed to help organizations in various sectors simplify engagement and bolster positive relationships. Both of these new capabilities allow callers to engage in a more seamless, on-the-go way vs. the traditional use of touch-tones — a key feature in today’s ever-moving world enabled by tools like Siri and Alexa. As consumer communication preferences shift in the everyday realm, so they will also pivot in healthcare, banking and business; which is why it’s vital for the more traditional industries to keep pace.

iPhone_Reva SMS EngageThis release also debuts our new lite AI, chatbot engine: Reva. While highly sophisticated AI systems have been making their way into surgery rooms across the country, not every clinic or bank needs that level of robotic technology. As organizations on the local and regional levels seek to simplify customer transactions or patient scheduling, many just need a virtual “assistant” to lend a helping hand so their nurses and tellers can assist with larger issues. For those looking to increase their organization’s efficiency and user engagement without the cost or time needed to deploy a full-scale AI system, Reva is a pivotal development.

The fact that Reva is integrated into a cloud-based, multimedia contact center platform is also key. This means that she can transfer a conversation to any other channel for continued help from a live nurse or teller when needed — initiating communicating via STT, TTS, text message or web chat. Even better, none of these options require the user to download an application (more on that in the Web RTC section).

An additional benefit of this new chatbot is the elimination of audio and wave file management. Because TTS allows agents to type text that can be used when talking to a customer, Reva simplifies wave file management by eliminating the process of requesting a wave file change and recording/uploading a new file.

New Scoring and QA Tools

Our Measuring, Monitoring and Planning (MMP) platform also received a facelift. With updated scoring and QA features, it now allows contact center managers or supervisors to individually score agents and provide direct results and feedback — adding some workflow management to the mix. These new features allow for a comparative analysis of agents on an individual basis as well as compared to their peers. Why should this matter to a branch manager or nurse triage unit? Because ensuring the quality of your agents’ calls not only improves the experience of your customers, but also reduces turnover.

WebRTC for Safari and Microsoft Edge

As previously mentioned, LinkLive is built in a way that doesn’t require you or your users to download an app in order to chat. This is achieved through WebRTC, which is an open-source project developed by Google that enables real-time multimedia communications over standard internet browsers. Due to a recent update of this technology that extends it to iOS and Microsoft, LinkLive’s WebRTC functionality is now available across every major browser.

For your customers or patients, this is a key development. Moving forward, everyone will be able to enter a secure video chat with an agent simply through their browser, without a download or plug-in — providing a more seamless experience. Paired with LinkLive Connection Intelligence (LLCI), an industry-first approach to internet connectivity using secure vector routing and session orientation, this connection also happens via a private path that helps prevent DDoS attacks and keeps all communications secure.

Outbound Campaign Manager

Revation’s Campaign Manager is a brand new product that interacts with our LinkLive platform to simplify the creation, management and ongoing coordination of outbound voice and text campaigns to customers and patients. Through this, banks and hospitals can go to one system to check for contacts who haven’t been in touch for a year or more and reach out to facilitate an ongoing relationship through stored contact information and auto-sent scripts.

The solution can be connected to almost any type of customer data, which allows you to not only better track outbound campaigns, but also provides a snapshot of analytics for other current campaigns. This better equips your call center agents and supervisors in making real-time decisions and strategies.

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