Why 2015 is the Year Your FAX Machine Finally Gets to Retire

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Faxing may seem old and outdated to many, but in certain regulated industries, faxing is still the gold  standard of sending and receiving important and confidential documents. Healthcare is one of the industries that still relies heavily upon faxing to send and receive medical documents among healthcare providers and payers. In fact, the National Physicians survey found that 63% of respondents stated fax was their primary form of communication (1).

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As the healthcare industry is transitioning from a paper world to a digital one, faxing helps to bridge these two worlds together. However, as technology has continued to evolve, people expect more out of their fax machines. Cloud-based fax solutions deliver to those expectations, offering innovative faxing technology that improves workflows and maintains compliance with security and privacy regulations. Here’s what you need to know about cloud-based faxing, and why you should retire your on-premise machine and make the switch:

Cloud-based faxing allows you to fax documents right from your computer. That means no more sending a document to the printer, getting up from your desk to get the document from the printer, then faxing it. This takes a lot of time, and can even compromise patient privacy if someone accidentally leaves a confidential document in the fax machine and walks away. Cloud-delivered faxing saves time, improves workflows and plays a critical role in transporting data and information among providers, patients and payer partners. But too often, a cloud-based faxing solution is yet another different tool employees need to learn to use. While the movement of faxing technology to a cloud-delivered solution is a significant improvement over the traditional fax machine, it’s only a partial solution unless it is integrated with the communication workflows your teams are already using.

Revation Integrated Fax Services is a secure and HIPAA-compliant cloud-based fax solution delivered as a part of the LinkLive platform. Specifically designed to improve workflow efficiencies while maintaining security, Revation makes sending and receiving faxes easier than ever. When a fax arrives, the agent receives a notification stating there are messages waiting in the queue. The system can then deliver the message to the agent’s secure inbox, allowing the agent to open, forward, save or print just like a secure e-mail. Faxes can be automatically delivered, or can be manually pulled by the recipient. Additionally, our fax solution is extremely cost effective, since there is no need to purchase additional phone lines, expensive equipment, or standalone fax solutions. Our cloud-based deployment through our unified communications suite doesn’t require expensive, dedicated infrastructure like many other faxing solutions. It’s integration into the LinkLive platform allows for greater efficiency by your employees sending and receiving faxes, as they don’t have to learn or use different tools just for faxing. So, whether you’re sending patient medical records, lab test results, pharmacy orders or billing invoices, you can trust that your documents will arrive safely and remain confidential.

1) http://www.healthitoutcomes.com/doc/isn-t-it-time-to-get-rid-of-your-fax-machines-0001

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